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Founded in the year 1596 over a pre-Columbian site, the City of Huaura is a pleasant corner where travellers can enjoy its streets full of history, its soft and undulating beaches, and its blooming Morella cherries.

It was the Viceroy Luis de Velasco who founded it when he made a trip from Paita to Lima, before assuming the conduction of the Peruvian viceroyalty. Its original name was Carrión de Velasco, homage to a possession that the representative of the Spanish monarch had in Spain.

It was ransacked by the English pirate Edward David in 1685. Its population of black Africans started to grow during this century. By the end of the following Century there were 774 slaves, 319 native Indians, 302 crossbreed and only 146 Spaniards in the zone.

In 1820 the Liberator don José de San Martín proclaimed the Independence of Peru from the Spaniards from the balcony of his headquarters. That old house is still kept and is one of major attractions of its nice Main Plaza.

It is currently a museum exhibiting historic pieces of the Republican period: the flag of the Liberator, suites, archives holding historical documents and still photos. There is also an interesting collection of samples of pre-Hispanic pottery of the zones of Acaray and Rontoy.

It was the seat of the Constitutional Assembly of the North-Peruvian State in 1836, one of the bases of what was the Peru-Bolivia Confederation during those years.

Small, proud of its history and of its productive and blessed countryside, Huaura is 153 kilometres North of the Larger Lima, going through the Pan American Highway.

It is a Province of the Region of Lima that comprises 12 Districts: Huacho, Huaura, Hualmay, Végueta, Santa María, Sayán, Ámbar, Paccho, Leoncio Prado, Checras, Carquín and Santa Leonor.

Another one of the places of interest of Huaura is the old house of the former Rontoy hacienda, a Colonial style construction that is located three kilometres away from the Main Plaza.

It offers travellers the Hacienda House of Ingenio, 500 metres away through a dirt road, as well. It is a Historic and Monumental Patrimony of the Province of Huaura.

Do not fail to visit the Sanctuary of the Virgen del Carmen. It is facing the Huaura Bridge, only three blocks before reaching the Main Plaza. It is a church built at the edge of the Huaura River and embedded on the hill.

And do not fail to taste the liquor of Morella cheery. It is the speciality of the zone


Warm and hospitable, the City of Huacho is the Capital of the Province of Huaura. It is located 149 kilometres North of Lima, going through the Pan American Highway, and about four kilometres before reaching the Locality of Huaura.

It is an old fishermen's town. It has an attractive seaside promenade, and all kinds of boats can be seen at its port. A beautiful countryside in the surroundings, along with welcoming beaches and lagoons of clean waters, stand out.

Huacho is currently an important pole of development. Some interesting industries and a university are sitting on its surrounding area.

Seaside lagoons (Albuferas) of Medio Mundo

At 22 kilometres North of Huaura, always going through the Pan American Highway, travellers have the chance of admiring an extensive seven kilometre long lagoon that was created a quarter of a century ago due to the filtrations produced by the Irrigation of the San Felipe River.

Reeds and rushes frame this huge mass of fresh water. Some huts are standing at the middle of the lagoon. You can rent rowboats, kayaks and catamarans to reach Gilligan's Island and the Island of Love in order to watch the birds at close sight.

The number of royal herons sheltering and fluttering over the reeds is incredible. Besides, you can appreciate reddish Colombian ducks, gallaretas, blue herons, ospreys, cormorants and plungers. They all feel at ease and there is no lack of food for the lagoon holds five fish species: grey mullets, carps, pintadillas, cachuelas and mojarras.

It is located only 100 metres away from an extensive sand beach. It is a beautiful place for camping and proper for the practice of aquatic sports such as windsurf. There is rental service of rowboats, kayaks, catamarans and camping gear.

How to get there: You must take a 2.3 kilometre long detour to the left when arriving at the kilometre 175 of the North Pan American Highway.

Lagoon of Paradise (El Paraíso)

At five kilometres South of the City of Huacho, travellers can find the lagoon of Paradise. The zone is also known as the Albufera de Playa Chica. It is a beautiful lagoon of marine origins that, at the same time, is nourished by the waters of the Santa Rosa irrigation system. Herons, gallaretas, flamingos, ducks and migratory species like the ArC tic charrán, coming from France, glide over the warm wind running above it.

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